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How research into arts education can have an impact on society. CERADA researchers at Uniarts Helsinki blog about their work.

In this blog you can follow activities conducted by S-program (Degree Program in Acting in Swedish) and partners. The activities can be courses, workshops, research projects, interventions, seminars etc. 

The overall aim is to experimentally explore different visions of an actors “expertise” and which functions it may have in relation to society and the artistic field. 

In this blog, Uniarts Helsinki’s experts and partners reflect on the role and future of art.


Choreography: Mammu Rankanen, opening night 14.1.2015
Photographer: Sanni Siira

Research Pavilion is a platform for artistic research, hosting 3 international art exhibitions & 40+ cross-artistic events in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale. Hosted and created by Uniarts Helsinki together with European partners.

Read the participating artists', researchers' and curators' thoughts from the Pavilion's official blog.

Read the blog here

More about Research Pavilion:

In this blog we are hearing and seeing what is going on in teh classrooms, behind the scenes, in everyday lifie and festive moments. We are meeting up-to-date persons telling about what is going on right now. 

ArtsEqual studies how art can increase equality and well-being, and how it could be a public service that belongs to all. But what kind of things does this mean in practice? This blog describes what ArtsEqual is all about. 

This blog features texts by students attending the Sibelius Academy 2,5 years Master's education. They approach the opera productions ahead by taking a look at the composers, the characters and their experiences before the approaching premieres. 

A blog which chronicles the Finnish summer by an expat; follow my journey developing the project 'Iskuin' for Flow Festival, read about my experiences at the University of the Arts, and engage my humorous anecdotes as the 'American exchange student' in Finland. 

SAMA (Sound Art and Sonic Arts) is a multidisciplinary study module planned by the Open Campus that combines knowledge of the university’s three academies: Sibelius Academy, Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy. In this blog, students and staff present course work and other Sound Art -related topics.

This blog is a place for sharing and discussion where students, staff and guests of Degree Programme in Choreography (Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki) write about choreography, studies, projects, art and around it.

Students and teachers of the master’s degree programme in dance pedagogy reflect on their thoughts and questions concerning dance pedagogy. The blog also discusses current issues related to the programme. 


Read more about dance pedagogy in the Theatre Academy here.

Perspectives on music, education, and religion: A critical inquiry


How might religion influence, frame and interact with the teaching and learning of music?


This blog serves to generate and enrich a discussion between scholars, researchers, teachers, students and others interested in the nexus of music, education and religion. The blog offers critical insights into the plurality of views that comprise the forthcoming book: Perspectives on Music, Education and Religion: A Critical Inquiry (Eds. Kallio, Alperson & Westerlund), aiming to promote a deeper reflexivity with regards to how music education is framed in different societies, characterized by various religious views, moralities, world views and values. 

Guadalupe is a Doctor (and researcher) of Educational Psychology, plays all kinds of cellos (covering repertoire from early Baroque to contemporary music) and enjoys writing about musicological topics. Her biggest passions are visual arts, to live sustainably, writing fairytales for children, and above all… Finnish sauna and the Mediterranean Sea. In the blog she will fully address these issues -together or separately- according to her inspiration.


Photo credit: Ville-Paul Paasimaa