Chrysa Parkinson: Achronic Visitors - Documenting Experiential Authorship

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 17:30 to 20:00
Theatre Academy, studio 709
Open Lecture
Free entry

Dancer Chrysa Parkinson's lecture focuses on the relationship between experience, authorship and documentation. Parkinson will establish terms she has found useful in articulating the performer’s perspective, illustrated by some stories and anecdotes and accompanied by visitors from another time.


Chrysa Parkinson is a dancer living in Stockholm and Berkeley. She has been performing and teaching internationally since 1985. Her focus is on experiential authorship and the performer’s agency. She is a Professor of Dance at SKH (Stockholm University of the Arts), heading the Master's program New Performative Practices since 2011.

Chrysa is currently researching Dance’s materiality in practitioners’ lives within the research project Where Does Dance Go? with Frank Bock (UK/Se). She is also performing Disorienting Front (2018-2020), a three part performed lecture translated into Spanish with Quim Pujol. Chrysa completed the research project Documenting Experiential Authorship in 2018, creating a series of layered, scattered and synthetic traces of a performer’s work. 

In the past couple of years Chrysa has been creating and performing embodied essays: Weaknesses (for Mette Edvardsen’s publication series Afternoon Editions), Damaged Fragment within Boris Charmatz’s 20 Dancers for the 20th Century and Expo Zero (Tate Modern, Warsaw Art Museum), A-chronic Visitors within Adrian Heathfiled’s Ghost Telephone (Sydney Biennale). In collaboration with Jeroen Peeters and, Chrysa created The Dancer as Agent Collection, consisting of essays, drawings and interviews with dance artists and theorists from the Dancer as Agent Conference in Stockholm. 

In the United States, Chrysa worked as a dancer for many years with Deborah Hay, Irene Hultman, Jennifer Monson and Tere O’Connor, among others. Since coming to live and work in Northern Europe in 2005, Chrysa has created works as a performer for Jonathan Burrows, Alix Euynadi, Eszter Salamon, Meg Stuart, Rosas/Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, David Zambrano, and Zoo/Thomas Hauert. 

Read about The Dancer as Agent conference (DOCH Stockholm, November 2013)