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Publishing is an essential part of Uniarts Helsinki’s activities. Uniarts Helsinki’s academies publish a wide variety of literature on education and research in music, fine arts, theatre, and dance.

Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts is actively engaged in publication activities. The publications are high-quality works in the Academy’s field of expertise, published both independently and as co-publications. The versatile collection grows constantly.

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Latest publications of the Academy of Fine Arts

Latest publications of the Academy of Fine Arts

Constellations is a book that came out of two preceding projects, both curated by Fergus Feehily—Professor of painting at the Academy of the Arts, Helsinki—at Exhibition Laboratory in 2017, the exhibition of the same name and Conversations in Light and Dark, a two-day conversation series.  These projects featured artists and thinkers from all over the world, Alex Olson from Los Angeles, Terry Winters, from New York, the Japanese artist Yuki Okumura, Helsinki based artist Petri Ala-Maunus and Declan Long from Dublin, to mention just a few. Both projects featured significant involvement of students from the academy, as exhibitors, writers, participants in the conversations and curatorially. The book forms a collective art work, where the visual and written word for equal parts. Constellations features texts by Declan Long, Fergus Feehily, Annie May Demozay, John Hutchinson and Kukka Paavilainen all dealing differently with ideas in and around painting, in addition here is a unique visual representation of Terry Winters’ presentation for Conversations in Light and Dark. The section Correspondence, features pages given over to artists, writers and students of the academy. They were invited to respond to the idea of painting, these responses are varied, text, photographs, notebook pages, poetry and more. 
Editors: Fergus Feehily and Johanna Vakkari
Design: Pauliina Nykänen
ISBN 978-952-7131-50-3 
Imaging the Spiritual Quest – Explorations in Art, Religion and Spirituality
As an element in human societies, religion forms part of the backdrop against which artists have worked in the past and present. Today, artists work in a world in which the place, role, and authority of religious traditions and institutions have changed, a process that began with the dawn of the modern era. Although the authority andinfluence of organized religion has declined in Western Europe and North America, 
interest in spirituality (itself a broad category of practices and beliefs) contin¬ues to be on the increase. At the same time, some artiststoday engage the phenomenon of spirituality in their own work, and scholars continue to explore the relationships between art, religion, and spirituality. This collection ofessays by scholars and artists explores the intersections of art, religion, and spirituality in Finland and abroad, both in the past and today.
Imaging the Spiritual Quest – Explorations in Art, Religion and Spirituality.
Writings from the Academy of Fine Arts (6).
Editors: Frank Brümmel, Grant White. 2018. 
ISBN 978-952-7131-47-3

Contributors: Riikka Stewen, Jyrki Siukonen, Grant White, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Johan Bastubacka, Liisa Lindgren, Päivikki Kallio, Elina Merenmies, J. O. Mallander

Figures of Touch Sense, Technics, Body
As a sense modality, touch has been both over- and undervalued in Western culture. On the one hand, touch has been regarded asthe basis of sense certainty and as a rather normative support to the theoretical gaze. On the other hand, it has been considered as vague,vulgar, drive-related or impure. Due to these contradictory andpotentially subversive qualities, touch has been invested with variousemancipatory expectations. In its ambivalence, the very sense of touch is essentially over-determined.
The texts of this volume address various dimensions of touch, where touch is not only a matter of sensory experience or bodily capacity, but also one of technics and vulnerability, of exposure and depth, of delicacy and tact. Some of the chapters venture out to the obscure borderlands of the phenomenal world where knowledge-oriented approaches encounter their limits, while others address something we could call generative patterns, or, as the title suggests, “figures of touch”.
Figures of Touch Sense, Technics, Body. Art theoretical writings from the Academy of Fine Arts (12).
Editors: Mika Elo & Miika Luoto. 2018. 
ISBN 978-952-7131-45-9

Sand & Indigo: A book about Finnish and Gambian Collaboration in Art Pedagogy
The Gambia Project took place during the years 2015-2017 in collaboration with Finnish and Gambian visual art students, teachers, artists and local people. The project aimed to help in developing an art school in The Gambia and to enhance broader knowledge which could be utilized in visual art pedagogy and the development of learning environments in The Gambia and Finland. This brought to the fore the fundamental question of what art is - or can be – in these contexts. The ”Pigments from Gambian Nature” workshop was a practical platform for Finnish and Gambian students and teachers and artists to get acquainted and work with each other, while suspending the culturally bound concepts of art. The Gambia Project is explored from many different angles in this book. This book is an experiential introduction to this intercultural artistic research project, and it can be utilized in teaching and learning in arts education.

More information:
Professor Tarja Pitkänen-Walter: tarja.pitkanen-walter [AT] 
Sand & Indigo – A Finnish and Gambian Collaboration in Art Pedagogy. Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki. 2018. 
Editors: Tarja Pitkänen-Walter and Tuula Jääskeläinen
Graphic Design: Jenni Haili
Collaboration Partners: ArtsEqual Project, CERADA and CUPORE
ISBN 978-952-7131-40-4

Futures of Artistic Research – At the Intersection of Utopia, Academia and Power is a collection of essays that brings into focus and explains the actual significance and future possibilities of the experimental exercises and critiques emerging across the field of artistic research. The book is structured around seven main questions and topics that are, at the moment, of interest to a wide interdisciplinary field of scholars, curators, and artists. The starting point for this book is a questionnaire that was sent to writers that the editors consider significant within the field of artistic research. The editors (Jan KailaAnita Seppä and Henk Slager) asked them to either provide a separate answer to each question, or to write a short text as a reaction to the set of questions. 

The Research Pavilion in Venice, hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki, (Uniarts Helsinki) has been important as a setting influencing the selection of writers as well as the topic of the book. Jan Kaila and Henk Slager acted as curators, and Anita Seppä as the commissioner, of the Research Pavilion in 2015 and 2017.

Many participants of this book project have taken part in the exhibitions or in the so-called ‘Camino Events’ – spanning a wide variety of cross-artistic events; discussions, interventions, performances, screenings, and concerts – of the Research Pavilion. In addition to them, the editors have invited a number of people not connected with the Research Pavilion to discuss similar issues.

CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Phillips, Basak Senova, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Cecilie Broch Knudsen, Darla Crispin, Florian Dombois, Jan Svenungsson, Joasia Krysa, Julian Klein, Lars Hallnäs, Leena Rouhiainen, Maiju Loukola, Melanie Bouteloup, Mick Wilson, Mika Elo, Nikita Yingqian Cai, and Renate Lorenz.

By presenting the responses of these internationally acknowledged specialists, the collection shows how the artistic research discussion reworks older definitions of experimenting, knowledge, methodologies, materials, and purposes of art, and how it also advances new ethical and political insights in the field of research. 

Futures of Artistic Research – At the Intersection of Utopia, Academia and Power. Writings from the Academy of Fine Arts (5). 2017.
Editors: Jan Kaila, Anita Seppä, Henk Slager
Graphic design: Marjo Malin
Publisher: The Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki
ISBN 978-952-7131-42-8

Inside and Beside the Camp
The books title Inside and Beside the Camp refers to German barracks on the Tulliniemi peninsula in Hanko, Finland. The peninsula was the point of arrival for German troops who began their transit through Finland from 1942 to 1944. The area closed after World War II, but it attracted public attention in 2014 when the City of Hanko opened a nature trail there, and partly forgotten German barracks from the transit camp were discovered next to the trail. 

The transit camp is in focus in the Deutsches Lager research project (2015–2018). The research project both resembles archeology and is archeology – it effectively excavates history both physically – objects and texts – and visually – photographs and moving images. The artistic researchers and editors of the anthology Jan Kaila and Japo Knuutila process the visualizations of this project. 

The goal when preparing Inside and Beside the Camp was to gather an interesting and perhaps even a seemingly heterogeneous team of writers. The editors sought to cover the themes and the follow-up questions both in depth and contextually. As a result, the book is a kind of kaleidoscope or at least a cubist image.

Oula Silvennoinen writes about the controversial relations between Finland and Germany during Second World War. Jan Fast gives an account of the history of the camp at Tulliniemi in Hanko and of the excavations conducted there. The discussion between Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and Jan Kaila examines guilt and other issues regarding archaeological finds. The text by Irmeli Koskinen and Pirkko Pohjakallio investigates the potential benefits of collaboration between artistic and scientific research. Mats Burström recalls his conflict archaeology project in Cuba, while Björnar Olsen and Þóra Pétursdóttir describe their practice of contemporary archaeology in northern Norway, which bears interesting parallels with our own investigations around Tulliniemi. Sasha Colby writes about the potential of poetic archaeology in the light of the work of Charles Olson and Henri Cartier-Bresson.  The book was published during the exhibition Poethic Archaelogy/Deutsches Lager – Inside and Beside the Camp in Exhibition Laboratory gallery in Helsinki. 
Inside and Beside the Camp (2017)
Editors: Jan Kaila & Japo Knuutila 
Graphic design: Samuli Knuutila
Publisher: The Academy of Fine Arts at University of the Arts Helsinki 
ISBN 978-952-7131-36-7

Pekka Kantonen: Generational Filming. A Video Diary as Experimental and Participatory Research 2017

PEKKA KANTONEN’S doctoral dissertation explores the act of filming, being filmed and viewing film in the context of everyday life. He began the journey described here in a state of confusion with more than 1000 hours of home video diary material shot since 1990. Together with his family Kantonen set off to show video clips to audiences in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Southeast Asia and Mexico, asking for advice from people of various cultures and occupations on how to interpret and edit the material. This performance was inspired by Jean Rouch’s method of shared anthropology, which involved showing a raw edit to those filmed and taking into account their comments during the final edit. However, Kantonen does not intend to arrive at a finalised video diary. The method, generational filming, created together with Lea Kantonen, involves a potentially endless process of sedimentation, where each generation comments on earlier generations. Every screening circle demands a new reflexive and inclusive edition. This book, which functions as yet another layer, describes the method from the viewpoints of artistic research, socially engaged art, visual anthropology, and film studies.
Objects of feminism. Art theoretical writings from the Academy of Fine Arts (10) Editors: Maija Timonen and Josefine Wikström
Objects of feminism are the subject/object relations of contemporary capitalism; chunks of fleshed-out knowledge, dead and living bodies invested with ideologies and more. The contributors to this book approach feminism from a range of angles, relating to its artistic, philosophical and political significance. Their texts dislodge “the object” from some of its current moorings, putting it to various uses as a prism or vanishing mediator for the energies animating each text. Questioning the privileged status of the object in feminist discourse, Nina Power makes a case for a feminism of the void. Hannah Proctor writes about the ideologies that have animated the objects Charlotte Corday’s skull and Ulrike Meinhof’s brain, and with this opens out a perspective on the historically constructed nature of gender. Maija Timonen uses the head transplant as a metaphor for the rise of the populist right, a travesty of the social body living in a state of incomplete ecstasy. Cara Tolmie’s performance transcript takes fragments of songs and uses them as conduits for a discussion on community and healing. Lizzie Homersham writes about hearts, objectification of emotions, home-sickness and borders. Hannah Black has written a poem about three men and an untold number of women. Josefine Wikström critiques Object Oriented Ontology, exploring how feminist art practices could provide a counterpoint to it. Rose-Anne Gush analyses Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Liebhaberinnen, exploring the concept of fate in it, and argues that Jelinek’s objectifying use of language serves to denaturalise the ‘fated’ and hopeless life stories of the book’s protagonists. 

Graphic design: Erik Hartin and Moa Pårup
Copy editing: Rebecca Bligh
Publisher: The Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki
Printing: Aldgate Press, London, 2017
ISSN 2343-1008
ISBN 978-952-7131-32-9 (printed)
ISBN 978-952-7131-33-6 (pdf)

Markus Rissanen: Basic Forms and Nature – From Visual Simplicity to Conceptual Complexity 2017.

Do basic geometrical forms exist in nature, or are they merely products of the human mind? What roles do the three simple forms of classic Euclidean geometry – the circle, square and triangle – play in the cultural history of forms? Have we reached the limits of describing nature and its functions with basic forms? How do rhombuses help us to decipher the laws of rotational symmetry? This Doctoral thesis in Fine Arts is an interdisciplinary study of basic forms and nature. It combines artistic and scientific modes of research and consists of artistic productions and the cultural-historical study of forms as well as mathematical explanations.



Moscow Conceptualism. Erosion and After. Moskovskij kontseptualiszm. Erozija i posle. Art theoretical writings from the Academy of Fine Arts 8. Ed. Kimmo Sarje. Art Theorethical writings from the Academy of Fine Arts. 2016.

Moscow Conceptualism is at the core of Russian contemporary art. Its influence extends from the visual arts to performance and from photography to literature. This book addresses the various aspects of Eastern Conceptualism from the perspectives of six artists and researchers and an artist group. The articles are by Yuri Albert, Hannu Eerikäinen, Tomi Huttunen, New Normals, Kimmo Sarje, Victor Skersis and Vadim Zakharov. The books texts are in English and Russian.



Hammer and Silence. A Short Introduction to the Philosophy of Tools. Siukonen, Jyrki. 2015
Should we make sense of what we are doing? Anyone who has ever pondered everyday studio practice will recognize the special difficulty of explaining the simple manual actions involved in artistic work. This historical study proposes to look at those wordless procedures that usually escape our attention when we engage in art and creativity. Touching on practical issues in philosophy, such as the simultaneity of doing, talking and tooling, Hammer and Silence will appeal to a hands-on audience in art and academia.








Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy's publishing activities are varied and lively. Sibelius Academy publishes


Latest publications of the Sibelius Academy

Latest publications of the Sibelius Academy



Margit Rahkonen: Douze Études by Claude Debussy – a Pianist’s View 
The writer approaches the Études from several angles with the help of existing literature on Debussy’s piano works and her own expertise as pianist and pedagogue. The book is directed to pianists studying the concert etude repertoire as well as to any reader interested in Debussy’s piano music.


Tuomas Hannikainen: Neito tornissa - Sibelius näyttämöllä

This is a study of Jean Sibelius’ early compositions for stage, concentrating on the work Jungfrun i tornet (Neito tornissa in Finnish; Maid in the Tower in English) (JS101, 1896). 


Anne-Mari Kivimäki: Perinnelaboratorio: #haitariporukoissa

The focal point of this artistic doctoral dissertation is the accordionist and storyteller Ilja Kotikallio (1894–1961) from Suistamo. Through research on Kotikallio’s personal history as well as archival tales recorded from him, the life of the parish municipality of Suistamo in Karelia (beyond the current Russian border) at the start of the 20th century is illuminated, especially the presence of accordion music in the Suistamo area





















Theatre Academy

Publications are an integral part of the activities of the Theatre Academy. With their focus on the performing arts, publications have produced material for supplementing teaching, research supporting the development of the field of theatre and dance, reports, and topical discussions.

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