Working at Uniarts Helsinki

At the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki), you will be part of a diverse and vibrant community that provides society with life force, new perspectives and new ways of thinking.

Work community and values

The strength of the University of the Arts Helsinki lies in the high quality of our teaching and art, as well as the organic connection between master’s and doctoral education, research, and artistic activity. Our values are skill, courage and inclusivity.


We value persistent work and critical thinking in all of our activities. We aspire towards the highest possible level of skill, quality, and competence.


We promote courage in the creation of art and science. We dare to experiment and create a new kind of thinking, expression, and activity. We value the freedom of art and operate responsibly in the world. 


We regard individuality, differences, and diversity as an asset. We develop an operational culture where we care about each other and bring joy and energy to each other.



Working in the field of arts

The University of the Arts Helsinki offers a wide selection of programmes in the field of arts and promotes a productive dialogue that leads to the creation of something new between teaching and research. This makes the University of the Arts Helsinki a unique university on an international scale. 


The University of the Arts Helsinki is a multi-disciplinary and pluralistic work environment, whose employees share a passion for the arts. Our vibrant and inspiring community will offer you the best place to create something new, while we also foster our traditions. 

Academic career system

The career system gives the academic staff of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) the chance to develop their career on a path that is equal, transparent and internationally competitive.


Working at the University of the Arts Helsinki

Working at the University of the Arts Helsinki

Professional competence

The key to the success of the University of the Arts Helsinki is its skilled and committed personnel. The University of the Arts Helsinki provides encouragement and support for its employees to develop their skills related to art, research, pedagogy and other professional competence. The University of the Arts Helsinki encourages its employees to build up their know-how and work skills so that they can excel in their ever-changing work environment and nurture their enthusiasm and creativity.


The university community encourages its members to be open towards new ideas and experiments and to make use of both mistakes and accomplishments that they go through in their learning and development process. There are many ways that the university develops and maintains the personnel’s professional competence, including on-the-job training, international exchanges, knowledge sharing and personnel training sessions.



Well-being at work

Employees’ well-being stems from being confident in one’s own competence and coordination of work duties as well as the supervisors’ and administration’s good management skills and effective interaction within the community. Having a clear course of action even in challenging situations also contributes to the well-being of the personnel. The University of the Arts Helsinki conducts a survey on well-being at work every other year.


The University of the Arts Helsinki offers its personnel a variety of benefits to support the employees’ job motivation and well-being. The personnel benefits include e.g. occupational health care, free admittance to the events organised by the academies, and sports and culture vouchers. The benefits are given to the employees who are paid monthly salary and part-time teachers who work at least 112 hours per semester. The salaried, full-time personnel of the University of the Arts Helsinki may also use one hour of working time for physical and mental recreation.


Employment and pay

Open, transparent and skilled recruitment guarantees that the University of the Arts Helsinki has the best possible personnel. New employees are recruited based on the human resource plan that is outlined yearly in accordance with the strategic policy. Recruitment follows the standardised recruitment procedure.


The pay rate for a new employment contract is determined based on the salary system of the Finnish universities, in which the salary of an employee is composed of a job requirement component and a personal performance component. A four-month trial period applies to new employment contracts. More information on the salary system: General collective agreement for universities, chapter 6.

Services for international staff

Services for international staff

Relocation services for international staff 

The University of the Arts Helsinki offers a variety of relocation services for incoming staff to help with the essentials related to moving to Finland. Required immigration formalities depend on the employee’s country of origin, and thus the university offers different services for staff coming from inside and outside of Nordic countries.


Our relocation services, depending on the employee’s point of origin, include the following:

  • practical assistance during the residence and work permit process
  • help with registration process and assistance with preparing the necessary documents for the registration
  • assistance with obtaining a social security number, tax card, bank account and other practicalities
  • support for family-related formalities, such as permits, registrations, school and day care arrangements
  • support for accommodation by, for example, scanning information on suitable housing possibilities and assistance with lease agreements and other formalities

The University of the Arts Helsinki supports integration and networking of international staff and arranges different kinds of events that offer a good platform for integration and networking with other staff members as well as the students.

Living in Helsinki

Living in Helsinki

Helsinki is the centre of Finland’s administrative, educational and cultural life. It is also the finance and business centre of the country. Together with its neighbouring cities of Espoo and Vantaa, Helsinki forms the metropolitan area with more than one million inhabitants.


Helsinki is full of contrasts: light and white in summer, and dark, but atmospheric in winter. It is modern and cutting edge, yet remembers its fascinating past. In Helsinki, both the sea and deep forests are just a stone’s throw away.


Helsinki has a buzzing urban culture scene. Many grass-root level events have grown to become the new urban phenomena, like the Restaurant Day, Cleaning day, and Sauna Day, to mention a few. Helsinki is also the home of "the world’s most achingly cool festival" Flow (according to a Forbes article) and various other urban events.


For further information, please see the Visit Helsinki website.


Image: Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

Practical information

Practical information

Moving to another country can be a puzzle. Here are some links and resources that might be useful if you are considering becoming a part of our international staff. 



The level of taxation in Finland may seem higher than in some other European countries. However, the tax revenue is used to finance many services that benefit all the members of the society, such as public healthcare, education system, security and day care for children. For information on taxation, please visit, a joint website of The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the Tax Administration, or the Tax Administration website


Health care

The employees of the University of the Arts Helsinki are entitled to occupational health care. The benefits are given to the employees who are paid monthly salary and part-time teachers who work at least 112 hours per semester. The details of occupational health care can be found in the University of the Arts Helsinki's intranet. Additionally, municipal health care services are available to the residents at the local health stations. For further information, please visit the City of Helsinki social services and health care website.


Public transport

The residents of the Helsinki region have continuously indicated great satisfaction with the local public transport system, at least according to the Benchmarking in European Service of Public Transport (BEST) survey. Public transportation network in the Helsinki region is quite extensive and commuters rarely need their own car. For further information, please visit the Helsinki Region Transport, HSL website.

Meet our staff

The University of the Arts Helsinki is home to a large group of well-known pioneers and respected professionals in their field. 

Jobs and vacancies

The University of the Arts Helsinki is a diverse and vibrant community that fosters our artistic heritage and provides society with new perspectives and energy.


Would you like to join our personnel? Read more about our job vacancies and apply now.