“Contemporary vocal music” – A practical crash course for singers and composers

torsdag, september 27, 2018 - 09:00 till 16:00
Musikhuset, Terrace Foyer
Fritt inträde

Lisa Fornhammar, Miika Hyytiäinen and Tapio Tuomela are leading the workshop

9.00-915. Opening, professor Kai Lehikoinen and professor Heidi Westerlund

9.15-12.00 Some theory and examples

Why contemporary vocal music? How are the demands on professional young singers and composers changing? How can composers and singers learn from each other and get better prepared for their professional lives?

  • Overview of the standard repertoire in contemporary vocal music
  • Extended vocal techniques
  • Notation
  • Some practical tools

13.00-16.00 Practical session for singers and composers

Improvisation in the group and excerpts from pieces by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luciano Berio and John Cage

Please note!

  • The morning session is open to everyone interested in the topic.
  • The afternoon session is open to professional singers and composers and also to singer and composer students.

Location: Terrace Foyer at Helsinki Music Centre



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