Nisrine Boukhari: Contemplations on Wandering City

Prognostics lecture: Nisrine Boukhari: I wandered far away from home that day

Keskiviikko, lokakuu 23, 2019 - 18:00
Exhibition Laboratory

NB The lecture will be held at Ex Club. Entrance to Ex Club from Exhibition Laboratory entrance or the corner of Merimiehenkatu and Telakkakatu.

"The memory of a traumatised mind is fractured, and its language is fragmented, nothing but flashes from here and there at the same time in a third place, mixed smells of roses, smoke explosion, the smell of freshly mown hay and grass and car engines." Nisrine Boukhari, Contemplations on Wandering City.

How does creativity respond to the state of emergency when horrors surround us and fear inhabited our mind?
On researching the state of Mind-Wandering and through the mental response to trauma and PTSD; the artist discusses the rhizomatic structure of her research on the term she has coined "Wanderism". From the mental state to the city-state, a journey towards the imaginative power of coping, creating and healing through art, language and the use of artistic methodologies. 

Nisrine Boukhari is a conceptual artist, lives in Vienna and Stockholm. In her art-based research projects, she uses the idea of psychogeography and tends to analyse the impact of space on human behaviour and emotions.
With a characteristic economy of means, Boukhari creates sensorial and participatory installations which engage the body as well as the mind. Despite the focus on the body and space, language is playing an essential role in her work and drawing the audience into implication with it. Like the body, language is both personal and the essential prevalence of public relations.

Since 2012, Boukhari is researching on the State of Mind-Wandering where she investigates the effects of trauma and PTSD on the human psyche through the case of Mind-Wandering State and the use of the artistic practice in a therapeutic trajectory. Thus, Boukhari has coined the term Wanderism and announced as a State of Mind; Wanderism is presented as a form of mental diversity and aims to destigmatise mental health issues.


Prognostics lectures map new areas of art, which challenge established forms of art, exhibition methods, and shake up societal norms and political thinking. Prognostics lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.

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